Bible In One Year-Day49 (Tuesday, February 18, 2014)

Commentary: Lev23-25. God allowed some festivals for the Israelites. However, they were not without guides. The first fruit is so important that God mentioned it again in Lev23. More also, He made them to know that it is a religious responsibility to show concern for the poor and the strangers among them (Lev23:22). This basically emphasizes that God delights in giving. By leaving those un-harvested crops to the poor and the strangers, it means that you are giving without expecting a reward. This is God’s standard. In Lev25:39-43, we read that they should not take advantage of the hard times of another to enslave. In every aspect of life, oppression is not a thing God takes delight in; life matters to God. Your impact to a man’s life gives God delight. It is good for us to take time to read Matt25:33-46. There are two sets of people living together in this world, the SHEEP and the GOATS. It is very difficult to separate them now and as a matter of fact we can’t do it, only God could; this separation will be on the last day. According to 1Cor4:4-5, we should not judge, God will do that finally. The term “born again” is a slogan now and so you can’t differentiate the sheep from the goats. For instance, in churches, the goats are the ushers, prayer warriors etc. they screen the innocent sheep that just came into the church for salvation and guidance. These ‘goats’ make life difficult for the tender sheep (poor in heart) until the sheep wander away. The chairs in the church are not meant for the righteous but for the sinners to hear the word of God from the mouth of the righteous (the caring). Righteousness is measured not by painted activities in the church but by the reflection of God’s Spirit through you to impact another life. Three things should be evident in a Christian’s life (and in a church); love, life and service. By showing love, we embrace the sinner into the church, through our personal character we share life and through service we guide. These are what God expects amongst us. Sinners and unbelievers don’t count the church to be a refuge again because of the weird things happening in the church nowadays; the church is dirty. To remove oppression, God declared the year of Jubilee for the Israelites. The 7th day is Sabbath, the 7th year is the Sabbath year, but after seven Sabbath years (49years) Jubilee is declared, i.e. no more oppression. I pray that the oppression that is advancing with your age shall be terminated in the name of Jesus. The Sabbath of the 7th day is for reflection of your relationship with God. You check your life and balance your account. This is to maintain a good stand before the Lord. But for the Jubilee, it is for liberty. Jesus came as the Sabbath to set the captives free, Lk4:18-19. That liberty is still available now. However, it is available for those who have the Spirit of the Lord, 2Cor3:17. By this Spirit, the fire of the love of Jesus is not quenched, the grace of Jesus abounds, the love of God waxes stronger; what an experience to have the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Lev24: 2 is God’s command to Moses that PURE OIL, should be brought to make the lamp burn/glow continually (perpetually). You need the Holy Spirit to make the light of the gospel glow continually; not by might, not by power but by my Spirit, saith the Lord. Prayer: Holy Spirit, explode in me in the name of Jesus. Next mile on the trip is Lev26-27. Keep the fire burning and alive. HE REIGNS!!!

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