Victory over satanic dreams.

Victory over satanic dreams.
ONE: You must give your life to Christ and experience the new birth. When you take this step, you will experience a major lift from the level of defeat to the level of dominion. The bible says:
“Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the Kingdom of his dear son: In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins” (Colossians 1:13,14)
TWO: You must pray fervently as instructed below. Prayer changes things. Prayer can change your dreams, too. Significantly, prayer removes the hands of the devil from your dreams.
THREE: Get personal practical help. In most cases, you may need person-to-person counseling. Thousands of lives have been transformed through counseling and prayer. We counsel and pray for people every week. Your spiritual problem is our concern. If you were attacked in your dream, never panic when you wake up. Coolly and calmly, even if your body is vibrating with fear, take the offensive. Use the name of Jesus as your combination shield and battering ram. Plead the Blood of Jesus and claim protection against the hosts of darkness. Rebuke satan and take authority over him and his wicked followers in the name of Jesus. Be persistent. ANY REGULAR DREAM SHOULD BE GIVEN PROPER ATTENTION. It may be a pointer to the way of solution to a particular problem. Be assured that the devil and his cohorts are behind all the horrible experiences in dreams like eating with the dead, swimming in water, serving people you do not know, playing with snakes, marriage in the spirit world with unknown men or women, having children in the spirit world, having sexual intercourse with known or unknown partners, getting out of the body for meetings, forceful sex or feeding, regular drinking of red liquid, being on a throne with unknown or known faces worshiping or bowing down to you and presence in unholy parties etc. Finally prepare your heart now for the practical session below.
1. I claim all the good things which God has revealed to me through dreams. I reject all bad and satanic dreams in the name of Jesus.
2. ( You are going to be specific here. Place your hand on your chest and talk to God specifically about the dreams which need to be cancelled. Cancel it with all your strength. If it need fire, command the fire of God to burn it to ashes.)
3. O Lord, perform the necessary surgical operation in my life and change all that had gone wrong in the spirit world.
4. I claim back all the good things which I have lost as a result of defeat and attacks in my dreams in Jesus’ name.
5. I arrest every spiritual attacker and paralyze their activities in my life in Jesus name
6. I retrieve my stolen virtues, goodness and blessings in Jesus’ name.
7. Let all satanic manipulations through dreams be dissolved in Jesus’ name.
8. Let all arrows, gun shots, wounds, harassment, and opposition in dreams return to the sender in the name of Jesus.
9. I reject every evil spiritual load placed on me through dreams in Jesus’ name.
10. All spiritual animals (cats, dogs, snakes, crocodiles) paraded against me should be chained and return to the senders in the name of Jesus.
11. Holy Ghost, purge my intestine and my blood from satanic foods and injections.
12. I break every evil covenant and initiation through dreams in the name of Jesus.
13. I disband all the hosts of darkness set against me in the name of Jesus.
14. Every evil imagination and plan contrary to my life should fail woefully in Jesus name 15. Every doorway and ladder to satanic invasion in my life should be abolished forever by the Blood of Jesus.
16. I loose myself from curses, hexes, spells, bewitchment and evil domination directed against me through dreams in the name of Jesus.
17. I command you ungodly powers, release me in the name of Jesus.
18. Let all past satanic defeats in the dream be converted to victory in the name of Jesus
19. Let all the test in the dream be converted to testimonies in Jesus’ name.
20. Let all trials in the dream be converted to triumphs in Jesus’ name.
21. Let all failures in the dream be converted to success in Jesus’ name.
22. Let all scars in the dream be converted to stars in Jesus’ name.
23. Let all bondage in the dream be converted to freedom in Jesus’ name.
24. Let all losses in the dream be converted to gains in Jesus’ name.
25. Let all opposition in the dream be converted to victory in Jesus’ name.
26. Let all weaknesses in the dream be converted to strength in Jesus’ name.
27. Let all negative in the dream be converted to positive in Jesus’ name.
28. I release myself from every infirmity introduced into my life through dreams in the name of Jesus.
29. Let all attempts by the enemy to deceive me through dreams fail woefully in Jesus name 30. I reject evil spiritual husband, wife, children, marriage, engagement, trading, pursuit, ornament, money, friend, relative, etc. in the name of Jesus.
31. Lord Jesus, wash my spiritual eyes ears and mouth with your blood.
32. The God who answerth by fire should answer by fire whenever any spiritual attacker against me.
33. Lord Jesus, replace all satanic dreams with heavenly visions and divinely-inspired dreams.
34. Let the blood of Jesus wash all the organs in my body in the name of Jesus.
35. Confess these scriptures out loud: Psalm 27: 1-2, 1 Cor. 10:21, Psalm 91
36. I command every evil plantation in my life, come out with all you roots in the name of Jesus! (Lay your hands on your stomach and keep repeating the emphasized area.)
37. Evil strangers in my body, come all the way out of your hiding places in Jesus name
38. I disconnect any conscious or unconscious linkage with demonic caterers in the name of Jesus.
39. Let all avenues of eating or drinking spiritual poisons be close in the name of Jesus.
40. I cough out and vomit any food eaten from the table of the devil in the name of Jesus. (Cough them out and vomit them in faith. Prime the expulsion).
41. Let all negative materials circulating in my blood stream be evacuated in Jesus name 42. I drink the blood of Jesus. (Physically swallow and drink it in faith. Keep doing this for some time).
43. Let all evil spiritual feeders warring against me drink their own blood and eat their own flesh Jesus name.
44. I command all demonic food utensils fashioned against me to be roasted in Jesus name 45. Holy Ghost fire, circulate all over my body.
46. I command all physical poisons inside my system to be neutralized in Jesus name
47. Let all evil assignments fashioned against me through the mouth gate be nullified in the name of Jesus.
48. Let all spiritual problems attached to any hour of the night be cancelled in the name of Jesus. (Pick the periods from 12 midnight down to 6:00 am)
49. Bread of heaven, fill me till I want no more.
50. Let all catering equipment of evil caterers attached to me be destroyed in Jesus name 51. I command my digestive system to reject every evil command in the name of Jesus.
52. Let all satanic designs of oppression against me in dreams and visions be frustrated in the name of Jesus.
53. I remove my name from the register of evil feeders with the blood of Jesus.
54. Let the habitation of evil caterers become desolate in the name of Jesus.
55. I paralyze the spirit that brings bad dreams to me in the name of Jesus.
56. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost destroy any evil list containing my name of Jesus.
57. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost destroy any evil list containing my name in Jesus name 58. I destroy any coffin prepared for me in the name of Jesus.
59. I cancel and wipe off all evil dreams in the name of Jesus.
60. I destroy every satanic accident organized for my sake in the name of Jesus.
61. I render all evil night creatures powerless in the name of Jesus.
62. Let the blood of Jesus wash all the organs in my body in the name of Jesus.
63. Let all sicknesses planted in my life through evil spiritual food be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
64. Let the blood of Jesus erase all evil dreams in the name of Jesus.
65. Let the fire of God boil all rivers harboring unfriendly demons in the name of Jesus.
66. Let all evil dreams be replaced with blessings in the name of Jesus.
67. I command all my good dreams to come to pass in the name of Jesus.
68. Father, hasten the performance of my good dreams.
O Lord, I thank you for another moment like this. I know that you will deliver many people in demonstration of your mighty power. I know that the devil is in trouble as a result of this teaching. Father, I pray that you grant everyone the grace to be on fire at all at times so that all satanic strategies against them in their dreams will be cancelled. Lord, release your fire in the name of Jesus. I pray for those who have suffered defeat as a result of bad dreams. I decree a complete reversal of all satanic curses in Jesus’ name. Let every negative situation be changed to a positive situation in the name of Jesus. I destroy every work of the devil. Eternal Rock of Ages, we thank you. In Jesus’ name we prayed. Amen.


26 thoughts on “Victory over satanic dreams.

  1. break through done bn a victim of spiritual wife.setbak spirits .nght caterers victim.thank u sooo mu


  2. Hello blogger, i must say you have very interesting content here.

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  3. Thank you! I will memorize every statement and speak it out every day. Ephesians 6:16 talks about sword of spirit which is word of God…. needs to be used all the time.


  4. Thank u very much for the prayer points . They have really helped me ! May God bless u so much to reach many souls through this anointed prayers. Amen .


  5. these prayers really work and there is a strong spiritual force of prayer that comes upon me whenever I start to say these prayers….am instantly empowered with the spirit of prayer no matter how weak or tired I could be!!,
    i discovered my imac pc which was stolen from my house by thieves, the thieves were caught in confusion….and we discovered all our things!!!, i fasted for five days and even before I was through God answered my prayer through mf prayer points!!!!! praise God!


  6. I need mean to my dream, what does it mean to be giving a colourful headgear in the dream and you now tie the headgear.


  7. hello thanks for the good job,pls,pray for me ,a woman use to appears in my dream each time am planning to do good thing and after I saw her in my dream that thing will not be possible again, this has happened to me times without number ,have pray ,went for deliverance ,fast but all still the same


  8. Thank you very much for this beautiful prayer
    I have been eating in my dreams for years
    But last night,I was picking snails
    So I googled prayer points and found this piece
    Heaven bless you for me


  9. I bless God because today marks the end of eating, seeing death people, seeing myself in secondary school and having sexual inter course in my dreams. Thank you Jesus for this prayer. Praise be to God!


  10. Please pray for me to be set free from dreams of dirty filthy toilets n may Lord send me dreams n vision from His throne unfold His plans vision in my dreams


  11. I need serious deliverance…i have ran into wrong man…who facially told me…you that i have used finish. Since this day…i ran from pillar to Post nothing good has happened to me. All i laboured for were gone in the process. I need deliverance pastor


  12. Thank you so much for this powerful prayer!
    It is more than a year now that I have been hassled with bad dreams and because of that I had terrible setbacks!! Now I am on the way out to freedom!!!!!! Hallelujah!
    May the Lord bless you!!
    Gaby from Austria


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