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WORSHIP CENTER: Wilmington Port Industrial Park

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries

19 Davidson Ln, 1A,

New Castle, DE 19720


Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries

P. O. Box 979,

Bear, DE 19701



Fax: +1-302-328-7425



13 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just wanted you to know that your revelation knowledge is helping me (Garment of Salavation). Continue the work that God has called you to do. It is “reaching people”. God Bless


  2. Dear brethren,
    Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that you are under good care of almighty Father above.
    It is good from you on how you are carrying on the lord’s work and that you are serving the Lord around the world and you are enriching God’s people with the wonderful word of hope in there hearts.
    As a pastor from Kenya I am very much eager to see you and to share with you the word of God and I’m very much inspired by your message. As a church pastor I could like to request you to come here in -Kenya with your team so as to meet with my people and share with them as the Lord directs you. We also need you to teach us and to share with you much.
    We are also a church which needs to have a founder because it started with a small fellowship and God is going on blessing it, so I call upon you to come over and re-open it in an official way and to ordain the church leaders under you ministry. I will be praying for you for the word that you have planted in the hearts of men.
    The church also holds 20kids who needs prayers so that they can meet their daily needs in life. This the gift that the lord Has given us to care for and to look after them, so I ask you to remember them in your prayers.
    I pray the Lord to assist you in what you do so as to bring His people to His kingdom.Looking forward to hear from you soon. +254 714 526 577
    Pastor Ronald


  3. Dear Pastor Ronald. Please keep my son Hugo and his restaurant in your prayers, he was a victim of a curse which made him lose all he had even his cars. We kept the doors open for him but we runed out of money please help us with a possible buyer that he is talking to. Please help us. We cannot keep our doors open anymore. Thanks Doris Ramiez


  4. Good day, mountain of Fire ministries. I am a student of Lincoln University, PA and I am interested in becoming a member of your church. Unfortunately I do not have a car to drive over, and the distance from my school to the church is about 41 mins. I was wondering if it will be possible for a ride to be provided for me to attend the church. Thank you


    • Thanks for contacting. First, let’s start by seeing how far PA branches are from you. The Regional Hq in PA is at the this address:
      2052 S 61st Str,
      Philadelphia, PA 19142
      Pls check the distance. Regards and GBU


  5. I discovered “Sending Confusion Into The Camp of The Enemy”prayer on your website and have been using it.

    I wanted to reach out for prayer., For I am in need, the Lord knows the details of the battle I am in. I thank you in advance for lifting me in prayer before His throne, in Jesus’Name. Amen


    Your prayers its a blessing for me and others its help me to understand the pathways of biblical foundation and I thank you for your publishing bless your heart Man of God and thank you.


  7. Great Morning Praise GOD I Pray All is Well Can someone please help me I see it says press the book if you want to order a free book can someone assist me on how to get it I can’t find it Thank you so much Have an amazing beautiful peaceful day TeamJesus


  8. Great Morning In response to my email I don’t see the title of the book it just says for free book hit the link but it’s not going. I. In North Carolina and I read prayer to confuse enemy camp maybe it’s the book for that. Thank you for helping me


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