Bible In One Year-Day 48 (Monday, February 17, 2014)

Commentary: Lev20-22. Lev20-22 has similar instructions from the Lord to the Israelites and to the priests. In Exodus, what God told Moses was to go bring the Israelites out of Egypt that they may serve Him and Him to be their God. For them to walk with God, they needed ordinances and these were what God gave them in the portion we just read. It was not on their terms and that is why He kept on repeating it to their hearing “I am the Lord who brought you out of Egypt”. In the guides, it is evident that God abhors disrespect to parents. After God, we must reverence our parents. We have a lot of obligations and responsibilities to our parents. The most powerful prayer you ever could receive that will come to pass in your life time and outlive you is that which come out of their mouth and from the heart. Little do we realize the authority and power God gave parents over the children. Though Jacob was dubious in his own way, Isaac’s pronouncement over him still came to pass. Jacob’s blessings over his children were evident. Whatever plan, purpose and grace of God over a person’s life, it is the parents prayer that triggers it. Ignoring them especially at old age is a great sin in the presence of God. If parents are not Christians but you are, you still have to prayerfully carry out your responsibilities. That is the Lord’s ordinance. May the Lord shine more light to our understanding in the name of Jesus. The next mile on the trip is Lev23-25. Keep the fire burning and alive. LIFT HIM UP!!!

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