Bible In One Year-Day 285 (Sunday, October 12, 2014)

Commentary: Psalms131-135. Psalm131 is one of the shortest chapters in the Bible and its message is ‘satisfaction’

In his heart, he refused to be carried away with over ambition and pride of the world. His focus was God and only God. He even encouraged the nation of Israel to remain steadfastly hopeful in the Lord.

Psalms 131:1-3 LORD, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me. Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child. Let Israel hope in the LORD from henceforth and for ever.”

This is my encouragement to you also. God is ever faithful. People could talk and condemn your errors; don’t give up but trust in God for change, if you steadfastly cry to Him. Find satisfaction in no man but God; you will never be disappointed. Don’t pamper your weaknesses, but pray for grace to overcome them. When you see another person prosper in his own way, don’t envy or desire it, but thank God for him and desire more grace for His will; this is what leads to satisfaction in the soul. When you find godly satisfaction in the soul, the soul cannot be sick.

Let us seek for the old path where we could find rest. Let us listen to the trumpet’s sound, wherewith we could escape the calamity to come. Our reading for today is Psalms136-140. Keep the fire of burning and alive.

Supo Abayode


Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries

Delaware, USA

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