Bible In One Year-Day 59 (Friday, February 28, 2014)

Commentary: Matt25-28. This part of our reading narrates Jesus’ journey to Golgotha. He left two messages; in the last two parables for the Christians and the workers in the vineyard. There were 10 virgins, which means they were Christians living undefiled lives. They had lamps signifying exemplary lives, i.e. by the word of God (which is a lamp unto our feet). But the factor for separation into two is the oil, i.e. prayer life. One set had the word of God but no prayer life. They were so confident in their ability to preach powerful messages without the leading of the Holy Spirit. Such might be reading the bible only when they want to preach or argue. Their messages are full of knowledge without the inspiration or leading of the Holy Spirit. Such become shaky and unsettled at the sound of spiritual warfare. They only pray when they see darkness getting closer and the power of their lamp running down; such are those who run to the mountain when troubles looms. They are reactive instead of proactive. They are so fearful when they hear genuine end-time messages. But the other set are full of the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer. They fast and deny themselves mostly without any compromise; all for the purpose of the kingdom. Any money they have, they use it for the purpose of the kingdom because they regard it as their treasure; they buy the truth with their resources. They are very well prepared, day and night. To them prayer isn’t a burden but pleasure and always at alert. In the second parable, the workers were addressed there. They were also separated into two; the profitable and the unprofitable. What qualifies one as a profitable Christian is Matt25:35-37 and the qualification for an unprofitable Christian is Matt25:42-43. There are different kinds of Christians; some say they hurt no one, some work for gain and praise, for recognition, some for the love of God etc. the standard of measurement is what Jesus laid out in chapter25. All in all, one thing is common and sure, there shall be a separation on the last day. Whatever gift you have, it is to make more of it for kingdom’s sake and not gain into the pocket; train more and make discipleships. This is Christ commission as laid out in the last three verses “make disciples of all nations …” To be guilty of burying the talent is to leave the gift of God inside of you unused or seeking for money with it instead of lost souls. From Jesus birth to His ascension, His life was a miracle. He never stopped surprises. He created surprises as He willed, He became a surprise when the need came and He spoke surprises to make the wise look foolish. He is still doing that till today; He never changes but creates changes. What a God in human form. His disciples thought they knew Him each time, but at another time, He made them to open their mouth in awe. Why? Because, the book of Isaiah had prophesied that His name shall be called “WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR, MIGHTY GOD, EVERLASTING FATHER, PRINCE OF PEACE”. He surprised everyone all the time. At 12 years, they called Him wisdom. In His first ministry in the synagogue, they said He was a Teacher, later they said His teaching was with authority, i.e. different from what they were used to. But with time they said he worked miracles but could not understand how, because He made science look as nothing. Again, when they thought Him to be a Prophet, He manifested in another dimension, then, they said He was more than a prophet. Eventually, they calledHim the Son of God while He was on the cross dying for you and me. When the devil thinks he is winning, at the mention of that name, JESUS, knees bow. The power in that name is still there and ever shall be. The efficacy is still a mystery to science of all types. The security in that name is so strong that there is no ballistic missile that could penetrate. It is a refuge for the righteous. The name justifies, cures, heals , delivers, subdues powers, promotes, blesses, glorifies, changes status, shields, raises the dead and gives life, melts mountains and exalts valleys, changes situations while it remains the same name. What a name! Acts 4:12 “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” I love the song:

“His name is higher above all other names

His name is JESUS,

His name is LORD”

Before the name could be a strong tower to you, you need Him, fully, in your life. All you need to do is ask Him to come into your life. He is loving and caring; He will come. He is JESUS!!!!!!!!! Our next reading is the book of Numbers1-3; here we shall see the journey of the Israelites in the wilderness and their troubles and how the name of the Lord worked for them. That name JESUS shall work for you. SO SWEET A NAME, JEEEEESSSSUUUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!


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