Bible In One Year-Day 53 (Saturday, February 22, 2014)

Commentary: Matthew7-9. In Matt5:17, Jesus emphatically told His listeners that He never came to destroy the law but to fulfill it. His teachings, so far, has been to expound the law and carefully linked it with grace. In Chapter7, Jesus talked about three people; you, others and God. Judging others is one of the things a Christian should be extremely careful about. Judgment could be by the Spirit or by the flesh. The Spirit looks beyond the physical while the flesh stays on the surface (the flesh) and this is the simple meaning of “deep calleth unto deep”. The Spirit says “as is” before God and nothing else. The flesh has spiritual cataract. Jesus said that you don’t judge by seeing through the speck in your eyes because you might be seeing the speck in your eyes and you will think it is in the eyes of another person. You need to remove that to see clearly. Such specks are the works of the flesh in you; bitterness, anger, unteachableness (permit me this word please), envy, pride, lying etc. If you know who you are and how good God is to you, you will be extremely lenient in dealing with others. Many defend their own shortcomings and try to focus on others; you are preparing the measure by which you are to be judged by God. This is how some correct their own error in others, i.e. what they are guilty of is what they want corrected in others, perhaps forcefully. By the New Testament, anger is allowed, but don’t cross the boundary into sin. It is therefore better to abstain from it since you can’t know where the boundary lies. There is only one way with God and that is the narrow way. In this way only the will of God is allowed. On the other way, your will and that of others are allowed. Those who find the will of God and do it are the ones who pass through the narrow way. Jesus said it is not an easy route because of the influences of life and satanic signboards by the sides. Satan was an influence on Adam and Eve, while the fruit was the signboard. Those tricks of Satan have not changed, but still effective in different packages. The source of water for the tree of your life determines the fruit that comes out of it. If the water is from the flesh, the result is the works of the flesh and if from the Spirit, the result is the fruit of the Spirit, Gal5:16-26. Jesus said that by their fruit you shall know them. The shortcomings (works of the flesh) in our lives are spiritual leprosies which we battle with everyday and we are looking for help. We regret ever doing it a times, and wondered why we ever did it. Beloved, these are the leprosies Jesus referred to in Matt8:3, “I am willing; be cleansed”. I pray that the hand of Jesus which touched this man will touch your weaknesses. Faith is the only connection. A prayer of faith receives answer according to Matt7:7-11. This was what the centurion acted on. This was somebody who never followed Jesus but his faith was rated very high with the word “great”. How great is your faith as a child of the living God. You could imagine those that would sit with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom; not the sons of the kingdom but those with unshaken faith in the word of God, Matt8:10-12. Jesus healed all manner of sicknesses. I love that song “He has taken my sorrows away (2x), Halleluiah Jesus is Lord (2x)”. Jesus Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses. If He is sleeping in your life, wake Him up with your little faith, i.e. if your faith is little, use it to wake Jesus up to help you and you will be amazed how everything will obey Him. Through our reading, and in the instance of healing, FAITH played an immeasurable role. But where deliverance was carried out, the factor lies on one side, the deliverance minister, and that factor is power and authority. The man of Gardarene needed no faith because his mind had been robbed by the devil; it was Jesus who exercised His authority and power. And this is why you are seriously warned not to go into that type of ministry without the baptism of the Holy Spirit because demons will ask you questions just as the children of Sceva were asked. You need the Holy Spirit for specific assignment. He alone gives the comfort in that assignment. Just like other vessels in the scripture, Jesus told Apostle Paul “I will be with you …”

Acts 18:9-10 “Then spoke the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city.”

Prayer: Holy Spirit, comfort me in the name of Jesus. Reading for today is Matt10-12. Keep the fire burning and alive. JESUS IS THE ANSWER.

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