Bible In One Year- Day 22 (January 22, 2014)

Our reading through the book of Genesis shows us the fall of man, the plan of God for our salvation and redemption, the choice of Abraham for this plan, the experiences of the vessels for this plan, the fulfillment of signs that shows that God is still committed to His plan (e.g. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph had prophetic signs, each, as points of contact for their faith towards God’s promises) and, finally, the flow of vision and purpose. God’s choice of Abraham in His plan to restore the world started with a special covenant relationship. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob respectively symbolize the personalities of the trinity as we discussed yesterday. Joseph was just a symbol of purpose; as a vessel that needed to be refined and purged and as bones in the coffin. No wonder Jacob claimed his sons in his place, Gen48:5-6, to make up the required number of tribes for a nation. For as long as those bones were there, purpose was sustained. The dry bones you are seeing in your unfavorable situation, to man, it means hopelessness, but to God they are anchors of faithfulness and unusual miracles, Ezek37. Those dry bones, very soon, will grow sinews, muscles and life will enter into them, in the name of Jesus. Don’t give up. The book of Exodus started with Jacob and not Joseph. That is, the chosen people went down to Egypt; they entered the world. They followed vision (Joseph) into Egypt. Vision will always prevail and where there is vision, there people gather. Two laws were working in their lives in Egypt; the law of increase and greatness to make a nation (Gen12:2) and the law of servitude, affliction and death (Gen15:13/Ex1), i.e. bondage, lack of liberty. The first was of God because of His purpose and plan while the second was by the world, because it hates the things of God, James4:4. The hatred Egypt showed towards the Hebrews signifies the hatred the world has towards the things of God, especially vision. In this wise, beloved, don’t expect the world to agree with your vision; you need to pursue it. Don’t expect anybody to agree with your dream, you need to be focused otherwise you will be destracted. I will like to emphasize that the Egyptians then were not in Christ. Also, the Old Testament is a shadow of the New Testament; therefore, the country ‘Egypt’ should not be tagged as bad, neither should we condemn the Egyptians. We are discussing spiritual things and not flesh and blood. There is revival in Egypt and we are still praying for more outpour of God’s Spirit in that land and the world (Amen). For the deliverance and salvation of the Israelites, a vessel was needful. In the midst of blood thirsty swords, Moses was born. Moses, unfortunately, did not know that the staying of the Israelites in Egypt was divinely arranged. Whatever they were going through was prophetic. Due to his ignorance, he wanted to help the Israelites (with bitterness of heart and not in the fear of God). Only God determines what and what happens to a life. If Moses knew God then, he should have asked God what His mind was about the situation on ground and how to go about it. Moses’ heart was not right for the assignment God had for him. His nature of speech was not what God was interested in, but the heart; which is the seat of the Spirit of the assignment we have been talking about. Just as Jacob and Joseph were dealt with, Moses, also, was pruned to suit God’s purpose. This was needful because his life style was that of an Egyptian, Ex2:19;

Exodus 2:19 “And they said, An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock.”

He needed godly training to be able to lead God’s people in the fear of the Lord. His staying under Jethro changed his life style and prepared him for God’s assignment, ordination and commissioning. He learnt shepherding and accountability under Jethro. His heart was prepared for the job. We could see, afterwards, that at every stage of his leading the people, he was always going to meet God for what to do. This is what God demands of us as believers; to ask for God’s mind. Many believers are not patient enough to be approved before opting to be masters of their own in the vineyard of God. The Spirit of the assignment cannot rest without first graduating from the school of servant hood. You can’t work for God without Him first working in you (consecration) to prepare you in His own way and manner. A bad follower will be a bad leader. When you get to that level to graduate, God himself conducts the graduation. Believers, who cut corners to avoid trials and test of time, don’t get the spirit of accomplishment and testimony is always far from such. God is aware of every step of the training and trials you are going through. Such training, without any contradiction, is to prepare you for the next level. Anyone who wants to be relevant in God’s plan, purpose and vision must submit to God to prepare him or her. The cry and groaning of the Israelites, Ex2:23-25, is the cry of the beloved in the world today. God needs vessels to meet these needs, Matt9:37-38. Moses jumped into delivering an Israelite from the hand of an Egyptian without God’s command, he became a murder. Whatever we do in the flesh will always lead into error;

Isaiah 40:8 “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.”

1 Peter 1:24 “For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:”

Without the word of God for us, we are just like the grass; His word changes and make us spiritual (John6:63). A person of the flesh will only inflict more pains and torment. That was why Jesus told the disciples to tarry in Jerusalem for the baptism of the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of the assignment) before they go out to meet the need, Luke24:46-49/Acts2:2-3. Moses learnt patience in the wilderness and God decorated him in Ex3&4. The rod which was in his hand, signifying his acquired skill, became the rod of God, Ex4:20. Though he used it skillfully to shepherd Jethro’s flock, God still had to teach him how to handle and use it profitably to shepherd His people; “Reach out your hand and take it by the tail” (v4), “that they may believe…” (v5). He was holding it in the place of fear, but God told him to pick it from the side of faith. You need to look at things from God’s angle (i.e. faith and not fear) for miracles to happen. What is the talent, skill or ability in you? It must be submitted to the Holy Spirit; it is no more yours once you give your life to Jesus. Jesus taught Peter who was skillful in fishing how to fish profitably. He further said that He would make him a fisher of men; he was to be re-branded for purpose. One could be highly talented and skillful, yet lack purpose. Whatever you learn from your mentor is just to be skillful, only God reveals purpose and empowers one for same. Let God use what you have and you will become relevant in life. The first thing to submit before any other thing is your life, John 15:5. Prayer: Lord Jesus, take my life and let it be consecrated for you. The next mile in the trip is Exodus5-7 Keep the fire burning and alive. Tell somebody about JESUS today!!!

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