Bible In One Year – Day 17 (January 17, 2014)

Looking at the life of Jacob, we could see that the activities of his life started from the womb. Jacob was a man full of activities right from his mother’s womb, doing one thing or the other, Gen25:23&26. It would have been quite difficult to change such a man using human logic or law. But, in God’s terms, it was a systematic way. After wrestling with the angel of God, the fruit of righteousness began to yield, his manner of handling things became different and maturity was becoming evident in him. Beloved, to receive a vision is one thing and to be aligned, patterned or disciplined for the realization of the vision is another thing (Samson refused to be disciplined for the purpose of his destiny, his end was too bad). The first test after that experience of wrestle with an angel was the defilement of his daughter; Jacob held his peace, Gen34:5. Dinah, on her part was opened to attack through 2 means; first, she was the only girl among the boys and she needed to play with some other girls and 2nd, she grew up to be pampered by boys, so she never realized the danger of an outsider until she became a victim. We need to constantly educate out wards or children. Obviously, the reaction of Jacob’s children against the defiler was too dangerous for Jacob to continue staying in that land. God appeared to him again and told him the next thing to do, Gen35. God is always there for us in moments of difficulties, especially after re-birth, and this is why we must take our dreams seriously (e.g. Mtt2:12-13). God is totally given to His plan, purpose and vision and He always defend His interest within these aspects. The four different occasions God spoke with Jacob so far has been about Bethel (which means to us a place of re-firing or retreat). Every life carries a trademark of His vision which people will use to recognize you. That is what you should protect for the enemy not to steal, kill or destroy. That is your duty, 1Thes5:22. Joseph and Samson faced the same temptation; one protected his trademark and the other was careless with it. You can’t stop temptation from coming your way but you have the grace to refuse to fall for it. Jacob loved Rachel but Rachel loved idols. He lost Rachel on his way to Bethel for 2 reasons: no idol is allowed on the land of covenant/ vision and secondly, Jacob’s pronouncement in Gen31:32.

Genesis 31:32 With whomsoever thou findest thy gods, let him not live: before our brethren discern thou what is thine with me, and take it to thee. For Jacob knew not that Rachel had stolen them.”

Rachel sat on the idol of her father’s house, the curse of death stuck to the part of her body which she used to hide the idol at the time of pronouncement. The next time she was to have another baby, the unbroken curse of death manifested. If the spirit of the idol of your father’s house has a place in your life, its duty is to usher in bad omen, curses and afflictions with ease. This is why deliverance is important and needful in a child of God’s life, Obad17; it sanitizes one’s life of evil attachments. It was in Gen35 the nation of Israel was officially inaugurated, v10-12. This time around, God did not introduce Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac but as God Almighty. By who He is, He declared fruition and multiplication and handed the land over to Jacob. Mind you, Jacob had, hitherto, undergone spiritual discipline in the school of God and honesty, maturity, subservience, humility and godliness became evident in his life. He would have messed up divine purpose and vision if he had received the key to the inherited blessing before now. Look at your life, until you allow the stronghold of Mr. Flesh to be removed, the purpose of destiny might linger, Matt7:6;

Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

Position is not purpose. God blessed Jacob exceedingly and equally blessed Esau, Gen36:6-8, but the difference is PURPOSE. In the womb, Esau struggled for worldly POSITION, but Jacob relinguished position in his struggle for PURPOSE. When you struggle for position, you become a nuisance, but when you struggle and find purpose, you become relevant to the vision and the people. Christians are children of purpose and not worldly position. We could get position, but we should not forget purpose while occupying position. We need to discover purpose before finding position. Joseph did not forget purpose through trials and while occupying position, he became fulfilled. The dream he had was the greatest discovery; he protected his dream even when the brothers wanted to kill it, Potiphar’s wife wanted to steal and the prison wanted to harvest it. Don’t compare yourself with the world for you are a child of purpose. Prayer: My Father, connect me to purpose, IJN. Next mile in the trip is Gen37-39. Keep the fire burning and alive. Tell somebody about Jesus today!!!

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