Bible In One Year- Day 10 (January 10, 2014)

The thinking of man is absolutely too shallow compared to that of our God, Isaiah 55:8-9. Men were thinking of building a tower that would reach heaven (not minding their state of spiritual death), while God was planning and working out life for mankind. It is so pathetic that the problem of man today is that he does not know where, what and who he is. This, consequently, has engaged a great deal of men in satanic assignments, profitless ventures. The building of the tower was a satanic assignment. The intention, motive, plan and purpose were all wrong; lack of knowledge. When a man starts acquiring wealth, power and position without thinking of his true condition before the most High God (spiritual status), it is satanic assignment. In searching for a lineage to lay the foundation of salvation, God found a man of unusual faith, Abram. Abram was a man that feared the Lord so much. His life and living was admirable. You know, young ones, in most cases have role models. Lot, being a young man, found Abram as a role model. He attached himself to Abram. He followed Abram anywhere because he loved Abram. He did what he saw Abram did. We could say that he patterned himself after the righteousness of Abram (no record of him hearing God at this time). Many are so deep in doctrinal teaching that they know very little about grace and the works of the Holy Spirit. Just because Lot was living in the pattern of the life of Abram, he became wealthy like Abram to the point that the land was too small for the two of them. Lot was enjoying the grace upon Abram. His wealth got into his head; he regarded Abram as his equal. Abram asked him to make the first choice, he did. That was an evidence of waywardness. He could have said “sir, I’m sorry for whatever my herdsmen might have done to yours, I can’t go from you …”; Lot lost respect for the uncle who brought him up. But he looked into the eyes of his mentor and insulted him. Mr. Lot separated himself from the contact of his wealth. Unfortunately, from that moment of taking the wrong step, decision and action, his life went down until it withered in the valley of destruction. What did Jesus say in John 15:4-11? You need to be reconnected to Jesus if you have deviated or backslided. Jesus is the reason for our living. There is no life outside of Him. We shall talk more about Lot tomorrow. Pray like this “I plug my life back into the socket of divine flow, in the name of Jesus” The scripture reading for today is Genesis 16-18. Keep the fire burning and alive.

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