Garment Of Humility

Bible In One Year-Day 129 (Thursday, May 09, 2013)

Commentary: 1Kings22-2Kings2. Ahab’s dynasty received the sentence of death when he exploited his subject, Naboth, under the influence of his wife, Jezebel. He still lived three years after this judgment. Probably he had forgotten about it entirely, or he thought the sentence was expired; something prompted him to decide to go to war against the Syrians. That decision was marked for destruction in heaven and a spirit came to effect the decision in the mouth of his reliance, the fake prophets. Jehoshaphat was the King of Judah. Because of his affiliation with King Ahab, he almost lost his life. As children of God, we must watch out for any evil association, i.e. that which does not go well with God’s mind. Ahab, in the presence of Jehoshaphat, rejected God’s counsel for that of 400 fake prophets who were eating from Jezebel’s table. He even saw Ahab jail the prophet that spoke the truth. This should have been a pointer to break his association with Ahab. Ahab made Jehoshaphat to put on his royal robe (deception; acquired from Jezebel) to disguise as the king of Israel, this would have finished Jehoshaphat totally but for God, he survived it. When Christians go into association with an unbeliever, he or she might be bargaining for untimely death. Every relationship must be subjected to God’s word and mind otherwise, it is not worth it. Gradually the dynasty of Ahab was being wiped out as we read in 2Kings1. His son walked in the same way he did. Ahaziah consulted witchcraft to ask if he would survive his sickness but God sent Elijah to tell him that his end has come. There are different levels of anointing. The one in Elijah’s life was another level, the one that could not be ridiculed or insulted. The first captain went to him arrogantly and sarcastically called him “man of God” Elijah replied by calling down fire. The second captain never learnt from that, unlike the third captain who begged Elijah to have respect for his life. The mouth of the first two captains killed them; Proverbs 6:2 “Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.”

Beloved, it is only with humility of heart that you draw virtues from anointing, but with pride and arrogance, one is left frustrated and rejected. The woman with the issue of blood humbled herself and she drew virtue from Jesus. Humility is an element of faith which is needed to make the required change in life; 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” There is a garment which God honors most in peoples’ lives and that is the garment of humility. No one falls before God in humbleness of heart that does not receive answer from Him. 2 Chronicles 34:27 “Because thine heart was tender, and thou didst humble thyself before God, when thou heardest his words against this place, and against the inhabitants thereof, and humbledst thyself before me, and didst rend thy clothes, and weep before me; I have even heard thee also, saith the LORD.” The difference between Saul and David was lack of humility on the part of Saul. Saul sinned and David sinned, but one knew how to humble himself before God and he obtained mercy. We need to wear the garment of humility in our dealings. Lack of humility could make us lose the virtue that creates miracles. May the good God have mercy upon us in the name of Jesus. Our reading for today is 2Kings3-5. Keep the fire burning and alive

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